You've reached the web 'portal' for Sita Magnuson. Visible Think (my old business) is now dpict - follow the link below. If you need something else that's not listed here, don't hesitate to get in touch or call (617) 251-3087. Here is my latest CV (as of March 2014).

dpict, llc

Graphic facilitation to enhance social understanding.
Tracking words and dynamics in visual form, we make sense of complexity to create shared platforms for action.
We believe that helping people SEE helps people reflect, which informs increased consciousness and thoughtful decision-making. In trying to shepherd our globe into a healthier and more sustainable place, every gesture matters. Working WITH you, we surface information and patterns that can inform processes of change.

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The Value Web

Designing & facilitating collaboration around the world.
The Value Web is an international non-profit association, based in Switzerland, focused on multi-sector/multi-stakeholder collaboration in transformational projects for a more sustainable, equitable world. We design and deliver collaborative engagements to support like-minded leaders and their organizations around the world. Our collective experience allows our design processes to cut through the complexity found in the worlds of business, government, non-profit and civil society – and build connections at the intersections where these communities come together. The Value Web stands for integrity and sustainable solutions that best benefit the organization and the larger world in which it is a part.

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